• 11th International Conference on Energising Indian Aerospace Industry:
    The Changing Environment on 01 - 02 September 2016

    We live in interesting times, geo-politically speaking. The world is witnessing myriad conflicts from those in which conventional arms are being used, as in Syria, to the power games being waged in the Western Pacific. India has its own unique security problems to contend with but what has distilled from conflicts and skirmishes in the past three decades is that, without any doubt, the medium of aerospace would hog centre space in any future conflict that India may be called upon to contest.

    Aerospace activities are catalysts for innovation and generation of cutting edge technology. Advanced nations have poured in trillions for conduct of R&D so that they are able to exercise dominance over the battlefield at all times; it goes without saying that technology required to maintain this edge is zealously guarded and continuously improved to maintain the advantage. The imperativeness to maintain such an 'upper hand' is nowhere more necessary than in the case of India which has atleast two major adversaries to contend with. This is a situation that has been in existence for the better part of seven decades since independence, but has not resulted in a viable indigenous Aerospace & Defence (A&D) industry. It is to the credit of the government that it is now seized of the urgency to ameliorate the situation; the reforms being implemented show intent and impart gravitas that the situation demands.

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